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  I used Dominic Lusinchi of Far West Research to assist me in thinking through some complex statistical anaylyses. His ability to quickly conceptualize theory and work the numbers to produce applicable results was astounding.

Harly Neuman, Ph.D. HR Manager, 4Cs

  I have known Dominic for several years in a professional capacity. In technical conversations I have found him to be scientifically precise and a creative thinker.

Karl Feld Research Manager
D3 SYstems, Inc.

Dear Mr. Lusinchi:
  On behalf of University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, I would like to thank you for contributing to the market research/competitive analysis section of Extension's 2002-2003 Annual Marketing Plan.
  Your research provided us with valuable data on education trends, our local market, and our various competitors. The findings and recommendations, based on grounded data and your objective perspective, have been particularly helpful.
  Your commitment, professionalism and hard work made a significant contribution to UCSC Extension's marketing program.
  Again, thank you for your efforts and the outstanding research you provided UCSC Extension.

Brian Smith
Marketing Director
University of California Extension, Santa Cruz
April 2002

  In my experience Mr. Lusinchi has always been very professional, accurate, and timely in delivering his analyses.
  At Collett International we worked on many projects together. Dominic was responsible for the creation of our Engineering Population Database. This required the development of a methodology for surveying in great detail the preferences and practices of electronic design engineers around the world, and merging those results with Engineering Population projections, which he also created and maintained. The result of this was an industry-standard tool that allowed us to provide very valuable strategic consulting services to our clients.
  I must emphasize that management consulting is very difficult and stressful work, and credibility with our clients and the industry as a whole is very important. Dominic's work always helped our efforts in providing extremely credible research services to our clients.

Michael Abeyta
Sr. Project Manager
Inktomi Ltd.
Aldwych House
81 Aldwych London WC2B 4HN
March 2000

  The EDA Consortium's Market Statistics Service (MSS) has a team of people who participate by contributing their expertise, in reviewing the compiled data and draft reports. They also write individual sections of the year-end reports. Dominic Lusinchi, through his association with Collett International, has been a vital member of this team. In the last four years he has contributed his knowledge and skills to help make the MSS the respected report it has become.
  Dominic's contribution has been particularly valuable in helping us streamline the publication of the report. He set up linked spreadsheets in Excel that can be automatically updated to publish the MSS quarterly report. His ongoing contributions include his expert knowledge of statistical data calculations and in his eagle eyed ability to find errors in our draft reports.

Pamela Parrish
Executive Director (1996-2006)
EDA Consortium
April 2000

  Mr. Dominic Lusinchi worked for me at Collett International, Inc. fulfilling the role of statistician and market researcher, which included the development of market models used to determine the size and growth of market segments within the electronics industry.
  Mr. Lusinchi demonstrated a very high level of competency and proficiency in his tasks, which included the use of various software programs including the statistical package known as SPSS, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. Of equal importance was his dedication to the position.
  Mr. Lusinchi devoted as much time as was necessary to complete assignments, including working above and beyond the normal working hours during the week. I found Mr. Lusinchi to be a team player, which included coordinating with other members of the staff, offering assistance when asked and seeking assistance when needed.
  Furthermore, Mr. Lusinchi worked exceptionally well with customers of the firm. This included development of project specifications and delivery of project results to the customer.

Ronald Collett
President & CEO
Numetrics Management Systems, Inc.
September 2000

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